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6/28/05 02:35 pm - mattyboy87 - RARRR!

Hello again everyone! Wow, well since no-one had updated for a while I thought I'd try to get the ball rolling again. So, a lots happened in the house recently, I was WAY surprised by the addition of the new 'secret garden' housemates, immediately I didn't like Orlaith, and i loved Kinga :P I thought Eugene was a proper nerd, but maybe thats a good thing :S So Orlaith and Eugene got voted in by Makosi, which I thinks cool, cos those two will probably be a bit grateful to her and maybe bolster the ranks of 'team diva' that is, unless saskia and her lap dogs get hold of them first :( Did you all see the argument between Makosi and Saskia when Makosi gave the cider to the secret garen housemates? If she had been clever Makosi could have told the secret gardeners and perhaps bought them round to her viewpoint and gained some more allies for team diva. Like Shaun said with reagards to Saskia's rant at Mary early on in the show, some of the stuff Saskia said to Makosi was very hurtful, and Craigs comment of 'she should go to Big Brother Zimbabwe, she'd do better there' was DISGUSTING! There's a lot of racism in this years show, sort of hidden, bubbling away beneath the surface. Craig used to be quite funny, but he's just annoying me so much now after having gone over to team saskia. He doesnt seem to realise that they're just using him as their toy,for their own amusement. its so stupid!
Lornaaaaaaaa, could you please show me how to do an LJ cut, cos this comment is reeeaaaaly long and takes up lotsa space, but I dunno how to do em :'( thank you hunny! :) So hows everyone been? xx

6/8/05 05:11 pm - mattyboy87 - Boo

Ahahah! I LOVE the task, its so cool! And EVERYONE is up for eviction! Oh no! I hope Anthony goes, or Maxwell. Maybe Sam or Saskia. Those 4 really get on my tits! lol. I cant believe Maxwell though, on his profile on the BB website he said he has an issue with vegetarians!! I'm a vege and I don't see that what I do affects anyone else?! It doesnt endanger people's health like smoking, and its not like anyone suffers if I dont eat meat! The only people that lose out are the people who provide meat, and to be honest that really doesnt bother me! I dont think that Maxwell is justified in saying this, as it doesnt affect him what I eat or not! If he had said this about Smokers then I would agree, as smoking is harmfull to not only the smoker, but other people through passive smoking too. Anyway, thats my rant about Maxwell. I'm finding that I despise Lesley less and less now though, is that odd? At first I thought she was a cheap tart, but now I don't mind her so much. Sam annoys me though, the way she just flirts with the boys etc, Shes not even that pretty! Anthony I just don't like cos he goes on about girls like they're objects, which I think is disrespectful, but it isn't helped by girls like Sam and Saskia who just sit around in bikinis giigling and throwing themselves at the boys! I wonder who will be evicted? I don't think It will be Vanessa, cos shes come out of her shell more recently. Maybe derek or lesley or roberto? I dunno, what do you guys think? Can't wait to see who it is!

6/4/05 01:49 pm - moobietron

I was kinda gutted that Mary was evicted yesterday.

Sorry I couldnt post, but I was out babysitting, luckily I was able to watch TV.

Its a shame shes out, but Mary seems to be one of the nicest people in the house, and they never seem to last too long sometimes.

I would have thought that the public would have wanted to have split Craig and Vanessa up, but oh well.

Anyway, guess this has stopped the conversation about Mary, but we can still carry on discussing big brother, and what is going on.

6/3/05 11:07 pm - immortal_wicca

But didn't she look beautiful as she left the house?

6/3/05 10:26 pm - immortal_wicca

Cut in case you might not know yet...Collapse )

6/3/05 05:28 pm - panthera_spirit

Who is everyone voting for tonight?
Mary can be interesting but has been a bit weird lately (more so than normal), but Craig has livened up a bit but is a bit whiney expecting people to always acknowledge him.

What's everyone's opinion?

Poll #505742 Eviction Night

Who is everyone voting for to be evicted tonight?


6/3/05 04:14 pm - immortal_wicca

Awww, Mary and Craig are so cute, giving each other a moral cuddle!!

I'm glad to see Mary is feeling better bless her!!

6/2/05 09:04 pm - moobietron

Ok, I have deleted the last post, and blocked the user.

Hope that solves the problem.

6/1/05 10:14 pm - moobietron

Ok, this is the number to call to vote for Craig, we think this is the number you need to call if you want to keep Mary in.

09016 16 16 02

6/1/05 09:59 pm - moobietron

Ok, tonights BB has just ended, and I will try to explain what happened incase anyone didnt see it.

Makosi completed her secret mission, and her, as well as Sam and Roberto are immune from eviction this week.

Then they asked Makosi to choose the two people that went up for the public vote this week.

She choose Craig and Mary.

So, everyone, Im sure you want Mary to stay in the house, so if you're gonna vote, vote for Mary to stay coz I would love for her to stay in the house.
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