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Ahahah! I LOVE the task, its so cool! And EVERYONE is up for eviction! Oh no! I hope Anthony goes, or Maxwell. Maybe Sam or Saskia. Those 4 really get on my tits! lol. I cant believe Maxwell though, on his profile on the BB website he said he has an issue with vegetarians!! I'm a vege and I don't see that what I do affects anyone else?! It doesnt endanger people's health like smoking, and its not like anyone suffers if I dont eat meat! The only people that lose out are the people who provide meat, and to be honest that really doesnt bother me! I dont think that Maxwell is justified in saying this, as it doesnt affect him what I eat or not! If he had said this about Smokers then I would agree, as smoking is harmfull to not only the smoker, but other people through passive smoking too. Anyway, thats my rant about Maxwell. I'm finding that I despise Lesley less and less now though, is that odd? At first I thought she was a cheap tart, but now I don't mind her so much. Sam annoys me though, the way she just flirts with the boys etc, Shes not even that pretty! Anthony I just don't like cos he goes on about girls like they're objects, which I think is disrespectful, but it isn't helped by girls like Sam and Saskia who just sit around in bikinis giigling and throwing themselves at the boys! I wonder who will be evicted? I don't think It will be Vanessa, cos shes come out of her shell more recently. Maybe derek or lesley or roberto? I dunno, what do you guys think? Can't wait to see who it is!
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