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Hello again everyone! Wow, well since no-one had updated for a while I thought I'd try to get the ball rolling again. So, a lots happened in the house recently, I was WAY surprised by the addition of the new 'secret garden' housemates, immediately I didn't like Orlaith, and i loved Kinga :P I thought Eugene was a proper nerd, but maybe thats a good thing :S So Orlaith and Eugene got voted in by Makosi, which I thinks cool, cos those two will probably be a bit grateful to her and maybe bolster the ranks of 'team diva' that is, unless saskia and her lap dogs get hold of them first :( Did you all see the argument between Makosi and Saskia when Makosi gave the cider to the secret garen housemates? If she had been clever Makosi could have told the secret gardeners and perhaps bought them round to her viewpoint and gained some more allies for team diva. Like Shaun said with reagards to Saskia's rant at Mary early on in the show, some of the stuff Saskia said to Makosi was very hurtful, and Craigs comment of 'she should go to Big Brother Zimbabwe, she'd do better there' was DISGUSTING! There's a lot of racism in this years show, sort of hidden, bubbling away beneath the surface. Craig used to be quite funny, but he's just annoying me so much now after having gone over to team saskia. He doesnt seem to realise that they're just using him as their toy,for their own amusement. its so stupid!
Lornaaaaaaaa, could you please show me how to do an LJ cut, cos this comment is reeeaaaaly long and takes up lotsa space, but I dunno how to do em :'( thank you hunny! :) So hows everyone been? xx
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Ok, its easy. You make sure you're on rich text mode, which comes up underneath the box where your typing I think.

The you click the button that looks like this- (...) or something like that.

Wow, a post.

At the moment, Eugene bugs me coz hes annoying, mind you, I thought Kinga was annoying as well, so it didnt really matter.
Thank yooooooooouuuuuuuuu! you're great! Eugene IS quite annoying but he's quite innocent and sweet too. :) Orlaith just seems really self-obsessed even if she HAS got a nice accent! At first when I saw Kinga I thought 'OH my goodness!' But she kinda grew on me a bit. It must be hard to be evicted by Makosi after such a short time :( I like the new picture btw, that episode is coooooool I watched it quite recently actually. evil Willow is so cool! I really hate saskia and Maxwell. Craig too and to a lesser extent Anthony. All the others (except Science sometimes) are cool! Who do you want to win? I say... MAKOSI! or maybe Kemal :) I don't think that Orlaith or Eugene will last too long, as new housemates never do too well, so I'd be VERY surprised if they won :)
Ahh, lots of text in that reply.

I dont really know who I want to win.