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6/1/05 09:45 pm - yume_mifune - Mary & Saskia Argument

Did anyone find the stuff that Saskia was sayin' to mary REALLY mean? She was saying that Mary was fucked up in the head, just for joking about a dog! That is REALLY mean :(
I now don't like Saskia at all! >:( Evil Saskia!

6/1/05 03:17 pm - panthera_spirit - Science the Great...

Science the Great thinks Makosi has been set a mission by BB!! He aint as up his own lyrics as I thought. He's actually quite clued up. But Kemal's heads gonna explode with the possibility that she might be a mole. Calm down.

6/1/05 01:11 pm - moobietron

Woohoo, BB last night was showing Mary's birthday so I hope everyone watched.

One of the things that is so great about Mary is she is so different to the rest of the housemates, like she doesnt walk around in a bikini all day long, and wont change that even though everyone else is

Did anyone see when she got given her broomstick back last night? I found it funny, none of the other housemates are allowed to ride it for health and safety reasons!

6/1/05 12:21 pm - mattyboy87

OOOh, ok, i was thinking about what Shaun did with the nominationy thing, and I'm gunna do a similar 1 with evictions! If you disagree please feel free to comment!!

1st out: Vanessa. i just don't think she's stood out enough to be saved from eviction :(
2nd out: Craig. I don't think he bonds with enough people to make strong friendships that prevent people from nominating him.
3rd out: Derek. Lovely guy, but I don't think he's quite what the british public are looking for ina housemate.
4th out: Roberto. Probably for the same reasons. The age difference is against him and he's not all that exciting.
5th out: Lesley. From what I've seen shes not very popluar with the housemates, or with the public really.
6th out: Science. Hes kinda cool, but not very exciting for me. Good enough to last this far maybe, but not go all the way.
7th out: Saskia. A bit boring, but the 'lads' will probably want to keep her in till about now.
8th out: Anthony. Hes a bit too full of himself, and maybe he'll be kept in for the possibility he might sleep with one of the girls, but really I dont think he'll last.
9th out: Maxwell. He's kinda funny, but I think if Anthony went he'd go soon after.
10th: Sam. She just seeme to get on peoples nerves. Like saskia I think the guys will want to keep her in, but no-one else will :)
11th: Mary. I'd LOVE Mary to win, and perhaps she could, but I think shes just not quite as fun as some of the other housemates. I think she'll go far though, and MAYBE she could win...
12th: Makosi. Again, I'd love for her to win, I think she'll get this far if she's allowed to revert back to how she was at the beginning. She seemed to be getting on fairly well with all the housemates until she was given her 'secret mission' so I think once thats over she'll be fairly popular.
WINNER: Kemal. I think the British public have a sort of image of a BB winner, that they seem to like sticking to; the funny, gossipy people (Brian and Nadia being prime examples) and these sorts of people often do very well, so I think Kemal could well be this years winner!

Wow! Its really hard to do this, I don't think theres a VERy clear cut winner, and it could be stiff competition between several people. Oh well! Comment if you like!

5/31/05 08:50 pm - yume_mifune - Oooo, Info

I was lookin' around on a website and I found somet what somebody had written about the housemates, I just thought you'd all like a lookie! (Btw, sorry for the 3 posts in a row! XD)
Derek - Foxhunter, conservative and Posh. Has his own housekeeper and probably does a fair bit of felching, too. Claims to be a political analyst but we all know he's just in it for some hardcore political anal. Once taught Ian Duncan Smith the fine art of rimming. Not my cup of tea, chappy.

Lesley - Not only put yer tits away love, but put that f*cking cellulite away too. You're making children cry. Ugly Self-obsessed northern chav slag, with a belly that's got more folds than a japanese origami museum. Disgusting to look at and even worse to listen too. Brainless.
Sam - Oxford Polytechnic, you're havin' a laugh. Get a proper Oxford education you stupid little chav. If I'm being honest, I'd f*ck her, but only with someone else's d*ck..and that would have to be attached to the end of a barge poll. If you want crabs lads, you'd be better off going to Morecambe bay than poking around in her fishy kipper. Slag.

Maxwell - a*senal are f*cking w*nk mush, you need to wake up and smell the coffee beans, me old china plate. You're a f*cking mug, mate. See what I did there? Jellied f*cking eels, pie and mash, smashing the granny out of some crack head bird behind a tree in Hyde park, Big Mo Slater from Eastenders showing a bit of thigh...simple things please this cockney wide boy. Possibly like Lesley.

Vanessa - Seems like the type of girl you'd want to drown in the swimming pool, or smear in battery acid. Or both. Can't stand the bitch. Needs to f*ck off back to Croydon.

Anthony - "I'm so beautiful i can have whatever woman I want, which is why im single and lonely." Self-obsessed c*nt. Type of bloke you feel like tearing a new anus with a garden trowel, or feeding to a hippo. Or both. And What the f*ck was that pose all about? Didn't deserve to be booed. I personally felt a good old fashioned lynching was in order.

Roberto - My early pick for the winner. Italian ready steady cook fanatic who tried, albeit in vain, to teach some scousers education. Got to be admired for that. Real-life Doctor Dolittle being a teacher in Liverpool. Worth a shout for the final.

Makosi - Stupid, air-head, spoilt little bint. More chance of finding intelligent life on the surface of the sun. Has massive hair, so could also be used to clean chimneies.

Craig - Ugly, spoilt, ungrateful little c*nt. Get a decent hair cut you f*cking rug rat and piss off back to that sh*t stained rock you crawled from under. Is less pleasant than a tape worm and probably fiddles about with children.

Mary - "oh my, im spiritual, ive been abducted 7 times, im crazy, oh my, im irish and have a soft accent, i sound crazy when i talk, im bringing in a broomstick, im crazy, im from atlantis, im crazy, i live with a ghost, im crazy, oh my, i dont know how to open a door."

Science - Science is not the way, just ask Bush. And they're real f*cking musicians, too. More ghecko than ghetto, more gang show that gang member, more bullsh*t than a Texas cattle ranch. Famous in his own rectum.

Saskia - Scared of dogs, so enetering a big brother house full of mirrors was probably not the brightest decision she ever made. And what's with the f*cking crow nose? Gonzo from the muppet babies with a boob job. With a nose that big, she must have to sleep with her head in the fireplace for somewhere to fit it. She can also go diving with without a snorkel. Stupid chav trash.

Kemal - Like a talentless Freddie Mercury. Could be used as a toothpick, but wouldn't want him nowhere near my mouth. The only Gay in the mecca. tw*t.

5/31/05 08:31 pm - yume_mifune - Hey Again!!!

Ooo, forgot tp introduce myself XD
Well Im Shaun, 13 ^_^ From West Yorkshire!
I watched BB since BB4 and I thought that it wasnt that good because BB4 was a let down in my view but then BB5 ruled!!!! Nadia & Marco are my favs from BB5 and Mary is my favroutie from BB6!

Btw Everyone make sure you watch BB tonight! It's showin' Mary's B-DAY!!!!!!

5/31/05 08:11 pm - yume_mifune - Hey Again!

I just wondered what people think the housemates are goin' to nomminate, here are mine

Makosi- She'll probably vote Roberto because of that argument the other day & Maxwell because I just dont think they are getting on at all

Science- He'll probably vote Kamel because of that argument they had with the chicken XD and Makosi for cancelling his Salad Cream! :P

Kamel- He'll vote science because of the argument he had with him, and also I don't think he likes Lesley, so Maybe her aswell....

Derek- He will again probably vote Lesley because you can tell he doesnt like her. And also I don't think he seems to be gettin' on with Science much...

Mary- I can't really think of anyone she would vote, she just seems to like everyone and i haven't seen much signs of her not liking anyone, but it possible could be Makosi & Science....

Sam- Makosi & Derek defiantly

Lesley- Derek & Saskia she is well jelous of her!!!

Saskia- I think it'll be Science & Makosi, you can tell Makosi is started to piss her off >_<

Roberto- I think Makosi is pissing him off, so it'll be her probably & I don't think he likes Science much either...

Maxwell- Easy, Makosi & Science

Anthony- Makosi and I dont think he likes Derek much....

Craig- Probably Derek & Maybe Sam, he doesnt seem to talk to her much....

Vanessa- Makosi just for pissing her off & maybe Science

This are just my predictions, they could be totally wrong! Lol!

5/31/05 09:13 am - immortal_wicca - Slightly Confused...

I'm loving how Makosi is working the group!! Have I missed something somewhere, (which is highly likely as I've been running around like a headless chick these last few hours!!) but does Derek know about what she's up to? He congratulated her in the toilet and said she needed to recieve an oscar for her performance! lol!

Poor Anthony, bless his little cotton socks - "I feel bad now" about the fact that she wouldn't wash the aprons!

And Mary, saying how beautiful Kemal is, on the inside as well as out when she was painting him!! LOVE HER!!!

So loving this year!!!

Mary to win!!!

5/31/05 08:17 am - immortal_wicca - Newbie Alert!! *waves*

Hi!! I'm a 32 year old BB veteran!! lol!!

I've been watching BB since the beginning, and I really love it!!

I'm a member of a few different BB communities, but actually left one just recently, due to how they generally chat - I personally enjoy a good laugh, I'm married to a British squaddie for goodness sakes - but what I found there was just bad taste!! panthera_spirit, I just wanted to say how awful I felt for you - you so didn't deserve to be part of their sick and twisted words sweetie, and I'm so glad, like you, to be on a genuine BB community that actually wants to chat about the housemates and not attack them!

So, on with the intros!!

Name: Jeannie.
Age: 31, 32 in a few weeks! *gah*
Location: living in Germany at this time, but from the UK originally.
Fav BB characters: BB1 - Craig
BB2 - Brian & Helen
BB3 - Jade, Kate & Johnny!
BB4 - sorry - but I found this BB a bit boring, which is a shame as I'm such a fan!! I can't actually remember many of the housemates bar Nush and Scott, and only then as I'm such a soppy romantic, I always remember the ones who might be able to fall in love!!
BB5 - Nadia, Marco, Michelle and her chicken Stu!!

I'm also a Wiccan, have been for the past 16 years, so I'm incredibly pleased to see a fellow Wiccan in the house of the same age as me!!!

I'm enjoying BB6 tremendously, and loved it when Mary told Makosi she might have to do a spell to help her open her suitcase!!

Ok, 'nuff of my waffling - on with the constant watching, I'm a TA, so school is off on half term this week!!! Yay!! A BB fan's dream - to be able to watch as much BB as poss!!! Pleased to meet each and every one of you! *nods*

5/31/05 03:38 pm - mattyboy87 - Heeeeey!

Ello ma dears! Im Matt, totally Mary-obsessd 18 year old. I love Big Brother soooooooo much and have watched all the series! My top 5 housemates are Nadia, Brian, Mary, Jade then Emma! i think it was a shame she got kicked off so early :( I'm a wiccan, so I think its really cool and interesting to have someone like Mary in the house, shes so cute and lovely! Also, she has the best hair!!! Makosi is cool too, she reminds me of my belgian exhcange student,Brigid, who was lovely as well! :) On the subject of chicken stu I thought he was a know-it-all when he went in (good looking maybe, but really arrogant- "i'm probably the most intelligent person you'll interview") but I loved how Michelle totally had him under her thumb! She was kinda cool "Can ah hear me PIE jesu now?" i really disliked Jason and Victor tho, although Victor was kinda funny. So, If you have any questions then post comments to my LJ or whatever!
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