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bbmary's Journal

A com for discussion about Mary and Big Brother
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Ok, heres a little story for you.

Me and Shaun were one day (i.e. tonight), very bored, and started discussing about how we both were addicted to the new series of big brother, and how we thought that Mary was the best.

The conversation then followed, do you wanna make a com, yeah, ok then. So, here it is.

We're not really that bothered about what is posted too much, but we would like it to be related to either Mary or Big Brother in general.

Umm, general rules, no flaming or nasty stuff. Thats bout it, but Im sure Ill change this info at someother time.

Anyway, theres two mods: Me- moobietron and yume_mifune

Can also get in contact with the mods by email- shawalt@hotmail.com, or mad_ditzy_fairy@hotmail.com